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02/10/16  –
The Passage-West-I-Mean-North


  • This guy talks about the setting and world in incredibly mellifluous tones, should you be interested:
  • Drawing inference from all of the Deus Ex games. If you've played any of them, we're in 2055, between the original and second game.



  • Don't like to put players in a situation with only one solution, which is sort of the design ethos of the games themselves too. If you come up with something I like or have shown interest in trying to do things a certain way, I'll do my best to incorporate that but I'll try not to railroad or stop you doing something. Just remember what you put in, you get out, though.
  • I will try to subtly prod you towards story objectives, but won't impede/stop you from getting there in completely your own way, even if that's really, really slow.
  • I work a lot on movie-logic, so keep that in mind.
  • I will roll for characters speaking to you/trying to convince you of something/etc. This doesn't mean they're definitely lying, they might be triyng to be persuasive, nor does their result mean that you have to react a certain way (but try to keep it in mind). This is largely so I can keep some element of mystery while still letting you know how well they rolled at whatever they were trying to achieve. The mystery is in what they're up to, not in whether I'm telling you the truth about my super badass roll.
  • Emergent storytelling is my favourite. If you come up with something I hadn't thought of in response to a situation, that's particularly fun for me.
  • I'm really fucking forgetful (or drunk, or both) sometimes, and not a great public speaker, so please bear with me or remind me if I've cocked something up/misremembered it.
  • I have a sense of humour, so I'm not against screwing around either, in fact sometimes it makes things even better, so go wild.


  • Everyone lies, everyone has their own agendas and most things are shades of grey. This game's cyberpunk, conspiracy and so on.
  • Sometimes it's worth trying an impossible roll (say 14 when the max result you can get is only 12) and choosing to go powerful. You'll inevitably fail the roll, but you might get a minor/major benefit in doing so, and you stand more chance of learning (F- or F+) something towards advancing a skill.
  • Search everywhere thoroughly. In keeping with the themes of secrets and lies lots of people will hide shit from you that can be found with a good search. I'll often try and flag things to this end.
  • Try hard to visualise your environment. In combat lots of things will give you partial or full cover that will increase the difficulty to hit you (better than standing out in the open and shooting) and things like lights can be shot out, switched off etc. If, say, you can see in the dark and your enemies can't, or you can breathe toxic gas and they'll succumb to it, it might be worth knocking out that light or shooting that gas cannister, for example.
  • Your traits are often worth using if only to give your characters a bit of in-game texture towards what they're supposed to be. I will also see how you use them in terms of earning EXP at the end of a game.


Deus Ex: Curse These Metal Hands.

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